Digital Growth Booster

S/M Business Website Owner Plan

Enjoy 4 services annually

Supercharge your online presence with’s Small Business Website Owner Plan! Tailored for growing enterprises, this subscription offers a comprehensive suite of services to enhance your website’s performance. From regular updates and security checks to personalized support, we’ve got you covered. Elevate your digital game and watch your business thrive!

Domain Registration

Hosting Configuration

SSL Certificate Installation

DNS Security Measures

Verify Website Backups

Review Security Measures

CMS User Accounts Check

Content Management Assist

Update Script and Plugins

Monitor Website Analytics

Website Loading Speed

Email Functionality Check

Test Contact Forms

Check for Broken Links

Sitemaps Check

Update Meta Tags

Optimize Images

Social Media Integration

Custom Error Pages

Clean Up Unused Files

Unlock Savings and Efficiency with Remote Computer Support

Experience the perfect blend of cost savings and efficiency with our remote computer support services. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses and downtime while ensuring your tech issues are resolved promptly.

Reduced Expenses

Lower service fees and reduced travel expenses lead to cost savings.

Time Efficiency

Save time by resolving issues quickly without in-person appointments.


Flexible Plans

Choose and pay for the specific services you need, avoiding unnecessary expenses.

Tech Care Plus

S/M Business Computer Remote Support Plan

Enjoy monthly services

Unleash the full potential of your medium-sized business with’s Tech Pro Plus Plan. Designed to meet the unique IT needs of medium-sized enterprises, this subscription offers a comprehensive array of services for enhanced productivity, security, and scalability. Let us handle the tech, so you can focus on growing your business.

Performance Optimization

Disk Cleanup and Optimization

Registry Cleaning

System Settings Adjustment

Operating System Updates

Data Backup and Recovery

Software Installations

Software Uninstallations

Virus and Malware Removal

Browsers Cleanup

Email Setup and Configuration

System Log Analysis

Task Manager Review

Hardware Diagnostic Checks

Drivers Updates

Deleted Icons Restore

Zoom Camera Setup

Desktop Shortcut Creation

Wallpaper Customization

Password Reset Assistance

Empowering You, Anywhere, Anytime: Resolving Computer And Website Issues Remotely!